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We are in residential properties, we offer the service of real estate agent, now been called, Property Practitioners. Our knowledge and experience can be traced back to the year 2004 to today. In all that we have been doing and continuing to do we have learnt that every person teaches another, there is a unique situation for everyone and we are common when coming to shelter. Our places of residence and properties will differ according to our interest and might. In actual facts we inspires and motivate each other on a healthy competition which is called stretching.

NB: In passing, did you know that the value of properties are mainly influenced by the lifestyle of the people of the respective area? Most areas that develops on a daily basis are always great for investment. In a well developed area, fully paid bonds has no bankable value and as such it is difficult to make money from it(such areas). Those areas are only to be considered for capital growth, but you need to be careful because if there is no active bonds it is going to be hard and difficult for finance institutions to offer finances.

Let’s take Sunnyside in Pretoria and compare it to Arcadia in Pretoria, when coming to property value. In Sunnyside You can get a flat selling R 250 000.00 then you buy it you will get tenants paying up to R 4 000 per month. In five years that flat will this worth R 250 000.00. But in Arcadia the same size flat sells at R 450 000(and they are difficult to get) rentals will be at R 6000 and in 5 years you can sell the same flat at R 650 000.

It will be to your added value to learn more about Arcadia at,_Pretoria and about Sunnyside at,_Pretoria

NB: List your property with us. #Free valuation offered.

And at the current moment Soshanguve is setting trends( with prices and developments) unless you have another area you would like to share with us for Pretoria. we are open for discussions and for sharing useful information. We always learn that properties are great investment of which is the truth. With properties you are secured. Let’s keep the maintenance at higher level.